Friday, September 10, 2010

Power napping

When I was going to college, I would take a quick break between classes and work, with a REALLY quick nap. I had a clock radio, similar to the one above, only mine was avocado green and had a very important button on top, a snooze alarm.

I learned to turn the alarm knob until it went off, press the snooze button, fall asleep quickly, before the alarm would go off exactly 7 minutes later. Today that is called a power nap! It worked well enough to keep me at work until 9:00 at night when the Western store I worked at would close.

After an afternoon meeting, where I wished for toothpicks to prop my eyes open, I was in desperate need for a quick nap before I could even imagine doing anything else.

BUT since I no longer have my clock radio, I begged the girls to wake me up in just 30 minutes, that's all the time I had, and was sure that would be more than enough sleep.

I lay down, get comfortable and a shriek comes from my bathroom and Annabel screams that she is scared! The power had gone off and there are no windows in my bathroom, so I quickly rescued her, and then was down to 25 minutes for my power nap.

As soon as I laid down, Nina jumped up on the bed with me, followed by Ollie, the other dog.

Within a few minutes, here come Grace with a stack of laundry for me. The dogs jump down but Grace stops to talk.

My time is fleeting and so far my eyes have barely blinked.

The dogs come back in but then Grace whistles to let them know that their dinner is served and they jumped back down.

Then Grace came back in to talk and announced I had 1 minute left to sleep!

Thank goodness for Starbucks!

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