Monday, September 20, 2010

Time running, fleeting

When you are growing up, more times than not, you want the time to speed by, asking how many days till Christmas? How long until I can date? How old do I have to be to drive? Other than Christmas, spring, and summer breaks, the rest of the time seems to move at a snail's pace.

Of course when you are older you blink an eye and everyone got a LOT older, not you of course, but everyone else has. Your children seem to grow over night and all you want to do is put the brakes on so you can actually take time to enjoy life.

Lately though, all I wanted was for time to speed up and get me through our event on Saturday. I am a die hard optimist on planning these big programs and insist that it will all work out, but for whatever reason, I did nothing but dread the inevitable on Saturday.
Time ran by and it was soon over and the rest I felt I needed so badly had to be delayed since both girls needed hair cuts, I wanted to attend a book reading, and then dinner with Mom and Dad. When we finally got home about 6:30 I tried to stay awake to tell my girls good night, but finally gave up at 8:00 with them in charge of turning out their own light. They told me later they turned it out right on time and said their prayers by themselves.

OK, now I am ready for time to go back to normal. I can't keep up with it at this pace! And of course it won't because before I could complete that program, I got a call with an opportunity to host an important event for Medicare and jumped at it!

Maybe I can rest this weekend!

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