Friday, November 5, 2010

Decisions and their impact

Many years ago, some people, my best guess, men, better guess, business men, sat around a table to discuss the state of affairs of China.

In that discussion, based on my own jaded history, the primary discussion bottom line was probably profit and how to get more of it, and a decision was made that families should only have one child.

This child should be a male because a female cannot, surely never will they have, any power or ability to earn a living, much less own a home, and take care of his parents.

So it was decided that Chinese families would consist of the man, his wife, and their son.

Because the decision was made by businessmen, again my guess, no consideration was made for the daughters born to those unions. And God forbid, if more than one child were to be born.

So the families were left to handle the unforeseen from this decision and they began to find ways to ensure their babies, especially their daughters, could be put in a place where people would find them and hopefully and prayerfully, give them a life.

Two of those families left their precious little bundles where they could be found and God, through His wisdom, brought them to me.

And now as I am trying to de-stress from my day, one daughter is playing the guitar and showing me what she has learned, the other is dancing "mariachi" and the two dogs are barking at the mariachi dancer and the guitar player is non plussed by all the distractions and noise and intent on showing me each and every note, chord, and detail she has learned.

And life is good.

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