Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting my goal

The goal for today was not to be sad.

It is hard for certain dates to come and go without having emotion attached to them and today marks the day my sister passed away four years ago.

So while my goal was not to be sad, I also added in the desire to make new memories, but still wanted to honor my sister's memory with a symbolic gesture of wearing red, which is symbolic for some many reasons, but will stick with the fact she died of a sudden cardiac attack.

But finding something red in my wardrobe is difficult. I have one red t shirt my sweet niece made for us last year with the Chinese symbol for love and heart, but I was also having a veteran's breakfast and just learned last week how seeing some of these symbols can be difficult for those who served in the Pacific during WWII, so I opted not to risk triggering some deep memories and instead bought a new sweater that was reddish.

This morning I got my new reddish sweater and my very dark pink sweater and asked the girls which was closer to red.

Annabel and I agreed the reddish sweater, which was actually maroon, seemed more red, but our artist in residence, Grace, advised us we obviously did not understand hue and tint or we would understand that the deep pink was indeed closer to red.

No time to get all teary eyed when you have started WWIII in your own home by trying to discern the article of clothing that is closer to red!

Onward and upward!

The idea of the veteran's breakfast was hatched just last Thursday, but thankfully I have lots of great help and my goal of reaching 20 veterans was doubled and 40 came for our first annual Thank You Breakfast for veterans. I received the most touching email from one who said that in his 40+ years since Viet Nam, this was the first time anyone had offered him that opportunity. Wow! OK, so I spent the morning crying over those types of really special moments.

The event I attended last week told how they had taken the time to pin a flag pin on each veteran, shake their hand, and tell them thank you for their service. The first three I did this for, I had to stop as the tears made it impossible to see to pin anything on them without causing serious injury.

There were some incredible stories and I am glad to have this new memory.

I really should not have worried about having too much time to get sad today since my girls keep me quite entertained and engaged all the time I am with them.

This afternoon, after making it through one of the worst traffic jams the city has seen, both ways, going to school and back again, which was then made even more intense with rain, and a lots of it, the last destination before home was the grocery store to pick up a prescription.

In between was Gi Tar class, or guitar, if you have not read how I continue to put my Texas twang into it, where we picked up the guitar I bought Grace ages ago at Tuesday Morning after the having the instructor tune it for us.

So we have arrived at Tom Thumb, where I thought Grace would cry if I chose to park and go in, so we opted to drive through.

And if you have a guitar with you, why not take advantage of it and play and strum while I try to do business with a man who is using the microphone as if he is a rock star, at the exact same time that a truck is revving up, making it impossible for me to hear the question Mr. Rock Star pharmacy tech is asking.

What did he ask me?

Would I like a waffle with that?

Did I bring a baby bird?

What is your mother's worth?

What is your daughter's girth?


See, why did I worry about being sad when even driving through the pharmacy drive through can be quite amusing???

Another important part of today has been all the many kind words, well wishes, prayers, and notes I have gotten from so many friends.

It's hard not to miss my sister but I have great memories of her and adding great new memories all the time.

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