Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, Monday!

This morning I am at home with a sick child and a leaky toilet.

For once it is not Grace who is sick but Annabel who came in dragging this morning. I asked if she was sick and her answer was "kind of, sort of", which for her means, YES, but she hates to commit and cause any problems, much less admit weakness. But when I told her to go back to bed, she went with no complaints and has slept soundly in her uniform for the next few hours. Also a pretty clear proclamation that she is indeed sick! She NEVER sleeps or at least not late or extra! She might miss something!

As far as the toilet, it kept Dad up all night.

No, it is not in their house, it is in ours but I complained to him about it so it became his problem and after trying to repair it himself without success, then finding the "right" person became one of many worries for Dad.

It is now repaired, thankfully, but when the man arrived it was obvious that we had a language barrier and while I tried to call my co-worker to translate, Dad arrives and speaking a mix of words, none of them exactly Spanish or at least in the way you learn them in school, gesturing and not sure what else, the man clearly understood the problem and got to work! And the way you know it is the "right" repair person, when Dad can negotiate a better price, and everyone goes away happy, including the repair person!

While driving back from dropping Grace at school, I actually toyed with the idea of going back to bed too, but when Dad arrived to check a fan that tried to catch on fire, Mom arrived too and felt my floors could use a good sweeping!

So while I thought a nap sounded good, with being in the "sandwich generation", sick child in bed, and parents that I think I am supposed to take care of, instead I got my fan repaired, my floors swept, a bargain on toilet repair, and I caught up on laundry, dishes, and email for work!

That's the way to start a week off right!

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