Saturday, November 13, 2010

My life in beige

I want to be one of those women who wear beige.

Not just a little bit of beige, but the whole outfit is beige and it probably would not be called beige, but flaxen or ecru or some other great term that doesn't make it sound like you are just wearing a blah color because the outfit would probably would be linen and maybe even the color would be called linen.

And a hat would be appropriate and look good with the outfit, and if you took the hat off, your hair would still look good.

And you would have a croissant for breakfast, but just nibble on it, preferably at a table outdoors, and you wouldn't be thinking about the fat content since you only nibble on it and then never really seem hungry.

And people take your elbow and wheel you away from things that are distressing because you might have the "vapors" if you actually had to see anything that was upsetting.

This week I saw the movie, "Letters to Juliet" and Vanessa Redgrave wore mainly beige, probably flaxen, and looked fantastic throughout the whole movie, and she had a great looking grandson to wheel her away from anything that even remotely appeared upsetting.

Wow! I have tried to avoid those kind of movies for a long time, the kind that are set in Europe with fantastic scenery, wonderful meals, and only beautiful people, basically chick flicks. I try to avoid chick flick books too.

I guess I have had that time in my life when it was sort of a chick flick, with trips to Europe, where breakfast was not something heated in the microwave or toasted and eaten in the car, where you had more than one cup of coffee and it was actually in a coffee cup, not a thermal mug or a paper cup, but I'm not sure that I ever just nibbled on a croissant.

As far as beige, recently I have decided that I have a "uniform" that I wear, dark pants, white shirt, and a sweater/jacket. While Vanessa and her character probably shopped at some cute boutiques, my clothes seem to be bought at Sam's. Not quite the same, is it?

But this morning I decided I would pretend that I was on a jaunt to Europe as I had some croissants for breakfast and would take the time to drink a cup of coffee from a cup, or several cups, and I could actually eat my croissant on a plate, not a paper towel, so I got out a plate, which just so happened to be a Barbie Princess plate, fitting, right? and poured myself a cup of coffee.

Now the scenery was somewhat different though, as there were no views of the hills of Italy, or a pool, but instead a very high stack of unpaid bills and junk mail to sort through, and I was not wearing beige, but my giant bear t shirt that was a souvenir from Alaska from Mom and Dad.

And there was no good looking grandson to steer me from anything that might upset me.

But the company here was much, much better. I wouldn't trade it!

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