Monday, November 29, 2010


Sometimes when I try to write, there is such a strong mixture of events and emotions that it makes it very difficult to capture the elements in a blog post.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that seemed to receive a lot of press this time as an unappreciated holiday, that it is so much better than Christmas because it is not as commercialized, and we all NEED to express our appreciation, and the best way to do it would be to start our Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving to buy gifts for everyone we appreciate!

For our family, it has also been the anniversary of a number of other celebrations. Both of my sisters' birthdays have fallen on Thanksgiving. It used to be our annual camping trip to Eisenhower State Park. Jana announced she was married at one Thanksgiving. It evolved into a time to gather with mom's family. More recently, for us, it is also the anniversary of our adopting our two crazy dogs.

With all of these celebrations, it has become a bittersweet celebration with the loss of Jana, especially when her birthday coincides with the holiday.

But this year we had a great surprise and Lisa and Gillian and Darcey were able to join us for our celebration and that made everything better! It was great to have two kitchens to work in, with Mom handling the difficult parts in her kitchen, and me handling the extras in mine next door.

We also celebrated Lisa's birthday and had a chance to visit with Mom's side of the family again, ate too much, shopped just enough, and the girls learned two new crafts!

My daughters are in seventh heaven whenever their cousins are here and this was no exception. They were so excited to teach their cousins how to do screen printing and everyone has new t shirts with their name and a picture of their choice!

The next day, Lisa taught them how to knit and Annabel is convinced it is addicting! I am so glad for her to have a means to occupy her hands when she feels restless. It took a lot of patience to try to teach all 4 at once, especially since they learn on such different levels.

By the time Sunday got here, I was finally feeling better after almost three weeks of fighting the worst bug I have had in years, but it had caught up with Mom and Dad! So we sent one group home, one group to bed, and we hit the books to get ready for this week.

My list of thank yous includes all of you who take the time to read our story.

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  1. Glad you all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving it truly is a great time of the year.