Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have learned some important things about being a mom.

First and foremost, you are pretty sure you are a better at what you do in your role as mom than almost anyone else. Honestly, Moms, do you ever look at what someone else is doing and think, Wow! I wish I was that kind of mom? Now you might wish you prepared a meal like a certain mom, sewed, danced, dressed, but rarely ever would you trade your kids for theirs. Now that is not to say your children are perfect and you will be the first to admit it, but you know in your heart of hearts that you are doing such a great job that your children are better than the neighbor's, the cousin's, the playgroup friend, or the church member. You are proud of your children and know that you have done a great job as a mother.

Second, you doubt ability of being a mom, being a good mom,  not even trying for great, almost all the time. Rarely is there a day that something doesn't happen that makes you think you are up for worst mother of the year award. Whether it is a bad grade on your child's test, a pouting spell, a temper tantrum, or any of the other "human" things that make our children human and less than perfect. At that point, you are sure you could have done better, you should have known how to react when your child's bottom lip was dragging so low that they were in danger of tripping over it, you should have made them study more to avoid that bad grade, you should have checked your bad day at the door before tackling a disagreement between siblings, there are millions of ways that you could be a better mom. There are just so many things we need to do to be better mothers so our children can have a better lives. Any failure of theirs is a direct reflection of us as failures as moms.

Third, we are always looking for ways to improve what we do, through advice, magazines, yahoo groups, almost everyone except non moms! If that wasn't true, there would not be half the magazines, advice columns, and all the formats that will help us be the best mom in the world so our children's lives will be perfect!

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