Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brief bedtime story

Last night the forecast was for the temperature to plummet down into freezing after a wonderfully sunny day.

Yesterday was also the day to change sheets, which always results in a lot of "found" items that have fallen between the bed and the wall or even just lost in their beds.

Annabel ended up with her three matching bears and gave them a special place in her bed, sharing most of her small twin size space.

Ollie, the dog, figured it looked like a good place to sleep an positioned himself at the foot.

So at the point that Annabel realized that Nina was giving her the sad, puppy dog eyes, she already had a bed full.

Annabel picked up Nina and put her on her bed, which left her with little space for herself. She was laying right on the edge and falling off if she moved, so she got back out of bed and tried to move Nina over.

Nina, never one to mind biting the hand that feeds her, gave a growl and a mean look to Annabel.

It looked like Annabel was going to be without a place after all her "babies" were comfortable, but she grabbed the edge of the sheet and popped Nina over and quickly jumped in.

Thankfully this worked out and everyone was good and warm besides!

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