Thursday, January 13, 2011

A great day!

Sitting in front of my computer tonight, I decided I could go one of two ways on what I wrote about. I could write about how I have fallen twice this week, broken a tooth (not related to the falls), and how my new wonderful cell phone already went kaput.

Or I could write about the wonderful things that happened at both the beginning and end of the day.

Hmmmm, falls, teeth, and phones are pretty boring, so I want to tell you about the great things that happened today.

Almost nine years ago I started the process of adopting Grace. It was such a new concept that little was known about the impact or results. No one offered any advice or training on raising a child who was 6 and had been shuffled between foster homes and an orphanage. By the time I adopted Annabel, all the rules had changed and training was required, and had a huge impact on me.

Today I had the great honor of talking to a group of adoptive parents, all of whom are adopting older children! It was wonderful seeing so many people who are eager and anxious to travel to adopt an older child. I am a strong advocate for adopting older children. I'm not sure if others were given the opportunity to adopt my daughters, but I feel sorry for them if they passed. I told someone today that I think my daughters are better than if they had been mine genetically!

Seeing all those families ready to adopt was just part of what made this great. The other part made me feel like Sally Field's Oscar winning speech, "You like me! You really like me!", to have been chosen to even make this talk.

If you have been reading this for long you know I struggle with what kind of job I am doing as a parent and so to be chosen by my social worker and our agency to make this talk made me feel like I must be doing something right!

I've mentioned before how much I love my daughters' school.

They are quick to recognize the students' hard work and successes.

I've received two invitations to come for the quarterly awards ceremony for Annabel, but today was all about Grace!

I love this school, but I have to say, their standards are high and the assignments are hard, so for Grace to get straight A's is incredible! She says it is her first time ever, but I really thought she had done it before in elementary.

I don't write as much about Grace, but Grace is such a wonderful person, I should write more. In so many ways we are so much alike that it is scary.

Grace is a study in contrasts. She will stare at you blankly if you ask her what 2+2 is but then can turn around and tell you the ratio of the pi squared divided by the sum of the average of six million! OK, I can't even make up a good math problem!

She has never been in a hurry in her life, unless she is the center of attention and then can escape faster than most Olympic runners.

She has trouble answering the phone but can hook up a surround sound speaker system to a high definition TV.

She has an amazing ability to notice details about people and does great impressions of them, but has no idea who you are talking about even if you showed her a picture.

She has not forgotten a detail of any book she has read or movie she has seen, but has no clue what I just said to her.

She doesn't mind blood and guts, but she will never be the first responder!

I really did not understand how parents fall in love with their children until I had Grace. She can lower your blood pressure just by being around. She is kind and caring and turning into such a beautiful young lady that it scares me.

Can you tell I am a proud mother?

It's been a great day!

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