Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Phone upgrade

Recently I updated my phone. I had a $50 credit because I have stuck with the same company and the same phone longer than any of their other customers.

I wasn't sure what I wanted but had a really slick salesman who knew a great sales pitch and I ended up with the Blackberry Torch.

I'm pretty sure this phone knows I am weak and inexperienced and taking advantage of me!

For those not familiar, it has both a touch screen and a keyboard.

My sister, Lisa has an I Phone. I tried to use her touch screen and I got no where fast! I don't think of my fingers as being grossly obese, but no matter how careful I touched the screen, I always got the wrong letter. Then I could never find the delete or backspace key so I would cancel the whole thing and try again, finally handing it back to her!

I told the salesman this and he immediately knew what to recommend.

He showed me a few of the bells and whistles before I left, but failed to show me how to answer the phone.

It began ringing the second I left the store and by the time I got it out of the case, I had missed the call. My old phone knew I was slow to respond and would always send me a gentle message saying who I had missed that time. On this phone it took me two days to figure out who had called and well into the next week to realize they had left a message.

When I worked for SWBT, now known as ATT, the idea of phones in our cars was being discussed. Obviously I have never been a brainiac and Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, and of course, Bill Gates, I am not, because I could not visualize how you could run a cord long enough from your car to whatever part of the city you wanted to travel. I was sure they would all get tangled up.

I know I am behind the times because we still have a home phone! It never rings and if it does, it is always a recorded message asking if I am Maria Escobedo and if not hang up!

So back to cell phones.

I got my very first one probably around 1991, when I started commuting to Denton taking classes at night. It was a big old bag phone and you practically had to have an extra seat just to hold the phone, but I talked on it the entire drive to and from Denton each night. If the limit per month was 500 minutes, I was probably at 1500!!

But that phone provided me with the security I needed to make that trip each night, knowing if I had problems, I could call someone. Not that they would come, but I could at least let them know where I was if they needed to file a missing person's report!

In the last 20 years, wow! That is amazing, isn't it? 20 years of cell phones! I really feel old! Anyway, in the last 20 years I have had quite a few different phones but when I found one I liked, I didn't care how many improvement I could get with an upgrade, I stuck with what I knew.

Now the idea of getting a $500 phone for only $50 was a bargain I could not pass up!

When you used to buy a cell phone, the manual was just a little smaller than a library size dictionary. On this phone, it was a tri fold pamphlet! Who do they think they are kidding! I need step by step instructions on this baby!

Now that I have had it a few weeks and Grace has shown me how to download games and other "apps" (trying to be cool here with the lingo), I have worked up the courage to explore a little on my own. I am also beginning to realize that very few people actually talk on these phones so trying to figure that out can wait.

My daughters take FREE guitar lessons four afternoons a week. I have treasured that time and actually read a couple of great books while waiting on them.

BUT now I have THE PHONE! I sat there the whole hour messing with that phone. I played games, checked email, caught up with everyone on Facebook, and then tried out the app for Pandora.

If you are not familiar with http://www.pandora.com/ and like music, you must check it out. You can choose from a variety of genres or tell it what kind of music you are interested in and it sets up your own radio station and begins to play music you like.

Well about the time I had found pandora the class was finished, so I closed the phone, and put it back in its case.

We stopped at the grocery store and as we got back in the car there was music playing.

I looked at the car radio and was trying to figure out how it was playing without the key turned on. OK, I know that can't work, so I look at Grace, who always has ear phones hanging around her neck, and ready to tell her it is too loud if I can hear it and she looks just as startled as I am.

So while my phone was closed and in its safe pouch, it went ahead and found pandora and started playing. It took 10 minutes or so, but it still kind of creeped me out.

The music was good and I was trying to get in the door with the groceries, a variety of really grungy coffee cups from my office, coat, purse, and an assortment of mail, so I did not take the time to figure out how to turn it off.

I think the phone knew it had me by then and picked up the rhythm and volume. So with the music setting the rhythm, I was able to quickly start dinner, put away groceries, and start a load of laundry at quite a maniacal pace! I almost felt like the phone was saying, "Dance! Dance!". (Is that from an Alfred Hitchcock movie?) I accomplished more with the music blasting than I normally do in days but that's when it went one step too far and thankfully I was not under its complete spell, but it did get the last laugh. I realized I had poured my laundry detergent in the fabric softener container. I knew it thought it was funny, but I had an ally who could rescue me! I quickly pulled the phone off my belt and threw it on the cabinet.

"Quick, Grace, turn it off!!!".

Even though it got shut off, it was still snickering, as my 12 year old was rolling her eyes at my lack of ability to turn off my own phone! Scary!

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