Monday, January 17, 2011

What kind of mom?

Last week I heard two people asked if they had turned out to be the kind of parent they expected to be. Both were adoptive parents, both dealing with difficult issues.

When it happened twice in less than 24 hours, it made me stop and think. I wonder if any parents with biological children are asked this and then I stopped to ask myself this same question, am I the parent I thought I would be.

Long before I became a mom I was sure what type of parent I would be.

My children would always be dressed in the latest styles, with their hair fixed, cute hair cuts of course, and ready for all the many activities I knew we would love to share. There would be ballet classes, piano, visits to museums, theater, and dinners at great restaurants, with witty banter between us. They would have a complete repetoire of cute stories, songs, verses ready to entertain and be willing to do it!

OK none of that is what happened!

What I didn't take into account was everyday life and the fact that kids have their own opinions! I did not factor in that someone has to go to the grocery store, cook the food, wash the clothes, carpool, and take a swipe every now and then at cleaning!

So while I might not have ended up being the mother I thought I would be, I have ended up being a mother who makes sure her kids have clean clothes. There is food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That our home is warm or cool.

And while we don't That more meals are eaten in, rather than out. That something green appears on our plates fairly often.

That I am where I am expected to be. That I will drop off and pick up, or I will stay until they are finished, whatever and wherever it might be.

That I will try to answser any and all questions or find someone who does!

That we say our prayers before meals and before bed.

That church is a priority.

That I will love and accept them and always be there mom.

So it's not how I imagined, it's better!

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