Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I don't think I can blame the problems with communication with my daughters on the fact that their primary language is not English. It might have something to do with being teens/pre teens. Not sure.

Before I adopted Annabel, I had gotten Grace a cell phone, for those rare times that we were apart and in case she needed to get in touch with me. It came in handy when she could actually find it and had it charged up, but it soon became a bone of contention for Annabel that she did not have one. So this Christmas Annabel got one.

Saturday she was in a band competition and the only things she was allowed to take were her flute, her music, and her cell phone. Obviously he wanted them to be able to call us.

She had to be at school at 7:30 and then they were expected back at 3:30.

About 12:45 she texts me they are going to be there early, maybe as early as 1:30. One problem with texts for Annabel is she really still struggles with writing in English, but I could figure the times out, just not sure why they were back early.

Since it takes 30 minutes to get to the school, I headed out.

On the way I get a text from her saying they were going to be late. Could I go to Sames to spend some time? I knew she meant Sams but also know her concept of being late could mean anywhere from one minute to a couple of days.

I do not like trying to text while driving so I tried to call her.

It went straight to a message saying she does not have voice mail.

I exit the freeway and text her.

No response.

I text her again and say call me so I can kind of clarify the amount of time they are going to be late.

No response.

I give up and go to Sams expecting that she will text or call when they are closer.

I don't know about you but I cannot go to Sams for a quick trip and on Saturdays they had lots of great samples and other distractions. Before I was even halfway through my short list of must haves she calls back wanting to know where I was???

You cannot check out quickly at Sams on a Saturday so by the time I got to school she was the only child left. Ugh!!

Then last night there was a meeting at the school about their upcoming trip.

I have to admit I have a real problem with recognizing faces. I don't know. A teacher was standing at the front passing out papers. She knew that I needed two copies for both daughters. Huh, how did she know I was the mom? Obviously it was a teacher I had met before but could not remember her name or subject she taught so I emailed the girls, who were at home working on homework. I gave the brief description of a teacher who had longish hair parted down the middle.

Right before the meeting was over I got an answer back from Grace.

"What color is it?"

Then I got an answer from Annabel.

"Men or women?"

Not sure that answered my question.

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