Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Even less communication

As soon as I hit publish on my last post, I realized I did not explain an important detail in the story.

When Annabel texted me on the way to the school and I tried to call and text her back, nothing went through because she had turned off her phone.

Her explanation?

She wanted to save the battery! I've reminded her to always keep it charged but to leave it on when I might be trying to call!

Grace stayed home from school today because she is sick so when I picked up Annabel I asked if she wanted to go to her guitar lesson, a great free service through the Oak Cliff Cultural Center, but she said she could not go today as she was packed with math.

Excuse me?

I know what math is but what is packed? Or PAC? or PACK? or PAK? Thinking it was an acronym for a special project or type of homework.

No she was packed, as in full, of math, which still doesn't make sense except for to her. In other words and after a lot of discussion, I learned she had too much math homework to do. It is so hard not to laugh when she tells me these things!

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