Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some musings


As you are growing up, time just creeps by. It takes forever to finish a school day, much less a week of school. It is even worse to finally get to spring break and then the last two months are the longest are you watch the clock so slowly tick until it is summer vacation.

You wait patiently for each birthday, especially those that herald milestones in life, your 5th birthday marking your admission into school, your 13th so you are a teenager, your 16th so you can drive a car, your 18th marks your planned graduation from high school and more importantly your right to vote.

But all of this takes time and when you are waiting on the next big event, time moves in slow motion.

Of course as I get older, I see the time just flying by. It seems to go faster with each day. The work week starts and before I can accomplish my long list of must items, it is over, and I am fighting to get through my long list of things I must get done at home. I blink my eyes and the weekend is over and preparations for Monday morning have begun and the list just grows of all the unaccomplished things and more and more are stacked on them.

Sometimes we want it to pass more quickly, when experiencing pain or grief, because we know time heals, but then it slows back down to when we were children and the very slight improvements are so minuscule it takes long stretches for us to realize that the healing did happen. Then we look back and wonder how we missed it. How did we not see the changes as they occurred?


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