Saturday, May 21, 2011

Getting ready for summer

Do you watch the TV show, The Middle?

There aren't a lot of things on TV that you can watch with your kids that isn't on Disney but this show is pretty close to PG and invariably the mom is living my life.

The show is about a middle class family who is always broke, mom and dad work full time, with three kids, one in high school, one in middle, and one in elementary.

This story this week focused on the mom taking the 14 year old daughter shopping for a swimsuit. The mom had commented that ever since the daughter had urned 14 her personality had taken a HUGE change, as she is usually the only one who is easy to get along with. But now at 14 her mood swings were constant and she stayed in a love/hate relationship with everything.

Sue, the daughter, hated every swimsuit she tried and the pile of rejects around her feet grew quickly, the mother trying to help only made it worse, and hysteria was rising each time the mom tried to open the fitting room door. My girls are always sure that they would never act like they do in the show and pointed a finger at each other when I laughed.

Swimsuits are the one thing we decided everyone needed new for summer this year and since both my girls are 13, I was hoping for one last easy time to accomplish this feat.

But let me set the scene: Earlier at work I had taken a nose dive fall that covered a good 10 feet before I landed, which included a cup of boiling water, an armpit slammed in the corner of the table, and a very large black and blue knot coming up on my knee, so the Advil I took at work was just about gone when we got to Kohl's. All their swimsuits were 50% off on their late night sale and we had checked them out on line first and saw that there was something for everyone there.

I decided it was easier to tackle one at a time, so since we came to the department that fit Grace first we started there. There was no where the choice there was on line and sizes were difficult to find in styles deemed modest enough, but pretty quickly we found some choices for Grace and off to the dressing room she went.

I'm not sure why I was crazy enough to try to find myself a swimsuit when I was in so much pain, but the sale+a gift card burning a hole in my pocket, made me look. I felt somewhat like Sue myself, but ended up with the ONLY one that fit in a style I liked, so that was my choice. Easy enough!

On to Annabel's department with my pain continuing to increase and Grace's interest waning.

We had even found a suit on line that looked exactly like she wanted on line and there it was in the store. The problem is that it did not seem to be what she wanted after all and she would ask for bigger sizes while I continued to search for the qualities she had set.

When I finally go into the dressing room with her, she was not a happy camper and the suit she had on was huge but she was convinced it was too short. It hit her just above her knee! I really wasn't sure how to answer her as it was a LOT longer than it should be, it would have fallen off when she jumped in and overall was not a good choice.

I convinced her to try on the smaller ones and just let me see.

I forgot to mention that each time I went into the dressing room she freaked out that the door was somewhat open, but she had chosen the largest room and was not even visible until you got way into the room! So I am trying to pull the door shut as quickly as possible, hand her a suit, critique what she had on, and try to clear out the thousands she had tried on.

We finally "settled" on one and while I was pretty sure she would not wear it, thought we could bring it back later if we needed to but at least we would had something.

As I am trying to crawl to the register I passed one more display of suits that I had not noticed before. There was the perfect suit, revealing very little, in an acceptable color, and actually in her size! When she tried it on, I've never seen this happen before, but it looked like it was made for her. AND right beside that display were "work" out shorts with all the holes that could even cover even more! Wow!

If this was my last year of having it easy with swimsuits, I dread when they are both 14!

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