Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Obviously too much going on, as I wrote this a week ago and just now remembered to print it!

Today has been a funny day.

I have to admit that when the alarm went off I was not sure I could even get up.

This weekend we had our biggest event of the year and while I love the results, it really takes a toll on everything from work to home as every day routines are ignored and all thought and energy is focused on it.

Plus I just get really tired.

BUT I get some really fantastic help from a variety of sources and could not do it without them. Today was a day to thank some of these individuals that I did not want to miss.

We have a great group of people who volunteer weekly, but for this it takes even more and some of my church members even came to help out. They ended up doing some rather tedious work, among which was changing the color of the bow on 450 cups!

These people amaze me and before I could thank them, I received a donation from them to pay for future events!

Then two things happened about Annabel almost simultaneously. The hospital called to let me know what my share of the bill will be after insurance.

To say it was a shock is an understatement. While I know I am glad we have health insurance, our share would not be nearly as much if we did not have insurance. How is that possible? Or if I did not have a job, help would have been available.

Then I got an email with Annabel's Chinese name as the subject line. Hmmm, that seemed odd as no one calls her that. It was from a woman who was responsible for moving Annabel from the orphanage to a foster home when she was two years old! I had communicated with her briefly before I adopted Annabel, but we had lost contact as her email had changed. She has some pictures to share and hopefully can fill in some of the huge blanks in Annabel's past.

When we got home there was a large box with Chinese writing on the outside.

I hoped it might be for Annabel because Grace has gotten several letters and cards from her foster family recently. Annabel has not heard from hers and each time it is more difficult for Annabel to hide her disappointment.

The box was for Grace and it was full!

I only know how much it costs to send something from here to China and would guess from China to the US would be equally as expensive, plus this box was big and filled with clothes, shoes, and food! The cost of the contents had to have been huge!

The most amazing thing was that everything fit and were actually things she liked! They have not seen her in 2 1/2 years! And she has not lived there in over 6 years.

Of course for her, as in all these examples, it wasn't what was received, it was the fact that people care, care enough to take the time to reach out, and provide that connection. That we have people all over the world that are thinking about us and care and are kind and good. A little of that really helps.

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