Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stellar student!

My writing is being accompanied by Grace teaching herself how to play a new song on the piano. A song she has heard on the radio, then found a video of someone on YouTube teaching the chords, and can now play, all within a short part of the afternoon.

She did this recently with Clair de Lune also.

And a church song.

Last week I got two emails in one day from the school.

The first from her English teacher, who has done a fantastic job this year, honing Grace's writing skills, as well as her creativity.

I made small additions to it and would like to share it as “the model paper”. I’m also sharing it with our English department head. I’ve attached the paper (with very few revisions). Keep this paper for future reference. Your use of the MLA format was nearly perfect.

Well done!

It was a report on why the battle of San Jacinto was so important to Texas history.

Then I got one from the principal.

Congratulations!  Your student will be honored this Friday, May 20, at our MS Quarter 4 Award Ceremony.  They are being recognized for their achievement in academics, academic competitions, or for our IB Learner Profile attributes.
I thought this might be from a recent award she has won as an emerging leader but instead it was recognition for one of the IB (International Baccalaureate) learner profile attributes. She won for her Thoughtfulness.

Amazing! For once I am speechless. She has achieved so much so quickly. I am humbled by her initiative and her success.

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