Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer break, almost!

When I was in school, I was sure that the summer vacation was because we, as students, needed the break from school. We had worked so hard that we deserved the summer off.

When I taught school, I was sure that the summer vacation was because we, as teachers, needed the break from school. Truly, we had worked so hard that we deserved the summer off. That was a little closer.

Now as a parent, I can tell you without doubt, the summer vacation is because we, as parents, need a break from school!!!

I love my daughters' school but it is about 20 miles away from our house. This year we were fortunate to have a great family to carpool with so that cut down the number of trips to just one a day, but it is more than the commute. It's also the guitar lessons, the "team" projects, the need for clean uniforms each day, breakfast and lunch, much less dinner, in addition to my work schedule!

Last week I wrote how the show "The Middle" reflected our lives.

I'm beginning to think that they are watching our lives and writing the next episodes!

Last night they were also looking forward to the last few days of schools and the mom began to celebrate prematurely, which ended up having severe backlashes.

At the last minute, each of the children suddenly remembered some HUGE assignment that was due before the school year could end.

Unfortunately this was sounding very familiar.

Within the last week we have had to stay late while one test was completed, emails about some missing assignments, and a school drop off time at 6:00 a.m. for one last band concert, in addition to final exams, books that had to be turned in, and lockers cleaned out! BUT I kept thinking, after Friday, we were through! I started trying to plan something to celebrate the end of this school year. Initially I wanted to finally have our garage sale with the stuff I have been gathering for months, but then I thought we really need to make the first Saturday something more special. Maybe we would actually go see a movie. Or go to one of those game places. Or maybe sleep in and be glad we didn't have to go anywhere!

But a discussion we started earlier in the day kept gnawing at me, something that had casually been mentioned about one more band concert.

I finally asked, specifically about the concert.

Oh that.

Yes, there is one more band concert.

BUT no one has said anything about it.

Oh, that.

Yes, they had passed out something about that.

So the day and time?

Saturday at noon.


Even further than the school.

I guess our celebrating will be put off a little longer too!

See why I know the summer vacation is for the parents?

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