Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Missing my girls!

I just dropped off my daughters at camp.
Now to minimize their importance in my life and how much I will miss them, I am actually overwhelmed with these prospects instead:

WHO will help me find my glasses? I I have two pairs and they disappear all the time. I am sure someone must move them during the night because I know I don't wear them to bed but they are NEVER where I am sure I leave them at night.

WHO will help me find my phone? Again, seems pretty easy, plug it in at night and take it with you the next day, but for some reason my phone has sprouted legs and can easily move in any number of directions without regard to me!

WHO will help me if there is a problem with the TV? At some point the TV has become a complicated machine to operate. I know the basics, turning it on and off, but if there is a problem with the satellite? I don't have a clue. That's not even covering the HUGE issue of trying to operate Netflix even though I have one of their DVDs to watch that I don't think they will ever want to see.

Now what was I thinking letting them go? Oh dear, I forgot about the dogs! And the fish! Good grief! They can't get home soon enough!

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