Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Texas and mosquitoes

Summer in Texas is not determined by the calendar, the phases of the moon, or any other arbitrary date.

No, summer begins in Texas officially with the first swat at the first mosquito and you know as summer continues the barrage of mosquitoes will increase.

When I was younger, mosquitoes seemed to love me and bit me so many times that I would fall asleep scratching. Nothing stopped the itching.

Now they still bother me, and they bite, but the bites don't itch.

I tried to sit outside the other evening and as soon as I sat down, here came one, swat, then another, swat, then two at once, swat, swat.

Pretty soon I had enough on me to give up and go back inside.

Lately my life seems like I am being overwhelmed with mosquitoes. OK, so the problems are the mosquitoes and I recognize that the problems I am facing are not monumental. These are more like mosquitoes, buzzing around, and waiting to bite.

For the first time in probably 10 years I had someone else prepare my income tax return. It seemed like a good idea at the time but when inside of a return I got a letter from the IRS, I swatted at the problem. After the second and then the third letter, it really became annoying. The last one came this week notifying me that I am being audited. Good grief!

Then I woke up one morning with a strange email notifying me that my google account had been hacked Swat!

In a few days I found out my Facebook was hacked. SWAT!

Then, BUZZ, I found out my email account was hacked, a virus was in my computer and $130 later, I was rid of that mosquito!

In the middle of all this fun, I was also told that someone I had long admired and respected, was telling people that I was evil! SWAT!!!

BUT this time I had something that relieved the itch, something I never had when I was younger.

This week has also included Annabel's birthday and on Thursday will mark 3 years of her becoming part of our family.

Last night she called me in and gave me a bag from James Avery

She told me it was my "Gotcha Day" present from her. It was a charm that said MOM.

That was the best cure for all these mosquitoes!

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