Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to school colors

Before school starts, there are always a lot of last minute details that need to be checked.

Do we have the school supplies? What about all the parts to the uniform? Even more important, what about the backpack?

These are the things they advertise and most families check before school starts, but if you are the mother of teenage girls, there is by far, something so much more important: an update in your appearance via a highlighting of colors in your hair.

Highlights in your hair can be pretty expensive and last year when both daughters wanted to make a change, I knew spending a minimum of $75 each was out of the question, so I visited the local Sally's Beauty Supply and they loaded me up with programs and instructions and after a very LONG day, we had achieved the changes they wanted.

So before I go any further, I feel like I need to address the issue of even letting them put color in their hair

Both daughters are Chinese and have the most beautiful dark, dark brown, or black hair you can imagine. I don't ever want them to think they do not have beautiful hair but I also know the need to
experiment with your appearance to find your unique style, and if your ethnicity has inherent characteristics, like dark hair, then it is a little more difficult to make your appearance unique.

So changing a small amount of your hair color, to help you achieve this uniqueness seems like a win/win situation.

Back to the story.

Grace knows every hair on her head and how she wants each hair to look and will spend the time to research and locate videos on YouTube to help her achieve the look she wants. She knew the exact shade she wanted to add and which hairs to change and what the final look would be when she styled it, so hers was fairly easy.

Annabel wanted to add her favorite color, orange, to her hair, but wasn't sure where or how it should look, but with Grace accessing photos on her I Touch, she helped us find the perfect style and even how to get the look!

So then I look in the mirror and even though I would prefer to believe that my hair color was achieved just from the intensity of the sun, the roots screamed otherwise.

Now this trip to Sally's I found a product specifically for extremely dark hair that was a one step process, but you never really use all the product, and if you are working to save money, it is really hard to pour the two leftover colors down the drain and do a third color just for you just to cover up a little bit of dark hair that has appeared from out of nowhere.

Here are 2 containers of hair color, orange and red, which I think was actually copper and red, both colors that I seem to remember being in my hair at some point in my life, and since I don't need much, why not just use them? Of course, the label did say for use on "extremely dark hair" but that did not deter me and Grace was more than willing to return the favor and artistically mix these new colors into my current color.

Somewhere in the process I remember suddenly that "extremely dark hair" was on the label and decided I should rinse it out as quickly as possible.

Hmmm, it had gotten extremely late by then and rushed the girls off to bed while my hair was still in the towel so the shock of the color was all my own as the pink and purple became more evident while drying.

I thought maybe I could get away with it and no one would notice, but first thing the next morning, a stifled giggle and a few incredulous looks made me know that I could not get away with using the extremely dark hair color on my hair without changing copper and red into pink and purple.

Grace agreed that it had to be fixed, so the next night we start again only with color,  more appropriate for my hair. She really surprised me at how focused she was on making my heart "just right" and when the crochet hook thing broke, while less than halfway through, she fashioned one out of a bobby pin and kept right on working.

OK, to review, do not use color for extremely dark hair on light hair and then don't think that just by changing to appropriate color, it will hide the pink and purple from the other color.

But I did save a LOT of money! And the girls hair looks great!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Senior Safety Summit at Communities Foundation of Texas

Please Join Us

for the 

Project S.E.C.U.R.E.

Senior Safety Summit

Communities Foundation of Texas
5500 Caruth Haven Lane
Dallas, Texas 75225

August 17, 2011
2:00PM – 5:00PM

Presented by The Senior Source

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The end of summer

I'm feeling all teary eyed tonight.
Dumb, I know and the reason makes even less sense.

My daughters only have one more day of summer vacation and it makes me sad for them.

I doubt that they are sad.

Shoot, they miss their friends and all the good that comes with being in class, learning new things, seeing who has changed over the summer, looking forward to Spring Break.

But to me it is also the end of a much more relaxed lifestyle, one I could easily get used to. I love that they can sleep late, stay in their Pjs all day, run next door to their grandparents' house, watch TV, play games, dream up all sorts of great things to do.

I mean, I know that structure is important and knowledge is essential. I just wish it could be done, I don"t know, easier, I guess.

This summer did not turn out like I had planned, but I guess most people's summer never does.

Grandiose plans were made at the beginning, hours of pool time, cooking lessons, day trips, maybe even overnight trips to see part of our great state even, going to visit extended family.

Some of it happened and some things that I did not expect happened. A trip with family, including grandparents was a great start. A month of piano for Grace and a month of voice lessons for Annabel was exciting. A quick trip to Galveston was never in the plans but was so much fun. Redoing their bedrooms was never planned but has been a great venue for creativity. Fostering a dog was never even considered at the beginning of summer, but we did and we learned lots from the experience.

It has ended up being a good summer, in spite of demands from work, not necessarily physical, but emotionally and mentally as it seems that work has been draining. Dealing with my missing car keys, having all my accounts hacked into, complexities from people I have known and respected, people passing away, others being diagnosed with debilitating illnesses, all have taken away from the fun you want summer to represent.

So I am feeling mopey, teary eyed, over losses, missed dreams, disillusionment, knowing that this summer is coming to an end.

Hmmm, if I take tomorrow off, we could still make a mad dash and see most of the state, or we could learn to cook a new meal, maybe make new outfits, learn a new language, create masterpieces! The sky's the limit! Or they could enjoy one last day of nothing before the reality of school sets in.