Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The end of summer

I'm feeling all teary eyed tonight.
Dumb, I know and the reason makes even less sense.

My daughters only have one more day of summer vacation and it makes me sad for them.

I doubt that they are sad.

Shoot, they miss their friends and all the good that comes with being in class, learning new things, seeing who has changed over the summer, looking forward to Spring Break.

But to me it is also the end of a much more relaxed lifestyle, one I could easily get used to. I love that they can sleep late, stay in their Pjs all day, run next door to their grandparents' house, watch TV, play games, dream up all sorts of great things to do.

I mean, I know that structure is important and knowledge is essential. I just wish it could be done, I don"t know, easier, I guess.

This summer did not turn out like I had planned, but I guess most people's summer never does.

Grandiose plans were made at the beginning, hours of pool time, cooking lessons, day trips, maybe even overnight trips to see part of our great state even, going to visit extended family.

Some of it happened and some things that I did not expect happened. A trip with family, including grandparents was a great start. A month of piano for Grace and a month of voice lessons for Annabel was exciting. A quick trip to Galveston was never in the plans but was so much fun. Redoing their bedrooms was never planned but has been a great venue for creativity. Fostering a dog was never even considered at the beginning of summer, but we did and we learned lots from the experience.

It has ended up being a good summer, in spite of demands from work, not necessarily physical, but emotionally and mentally as it seems that work has been draining. Dealing with my missing car keys, having all my accounts hacked into, complexities from people I have known and respected, people passing away, others being diagnosed with debilitating illnesses, all have taken away from the fun you want summer to represent.

So I am feeling mopey, teary eyed, over losses, missed dreams, disillusionment, knowing that this summer is coming to an end.

Hmmm, if I take tomorrow off, we could still make a mad dash and see most of the state, or we could learn to cook a new meal, maybe make new outfits, learn a new language, create masterpieces! The sky's the limit! Or they could enjoy one last day of nothing before the reality of school sets in.

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