Monday, September 19, 2011

Domino effect

Some days you just kind of see a domino effect happening and once that first one tilts, you know the rest will come down.
Monday mornings actually have their start on Sundays.
But Sundays can only happen if your usual happens on Saturday.
See, it all builds up to one place, Monday mornings.
So I worked on Saturday, which pushed back our usual chores and errands to Sunday.
Sunday got here and we had the usual Saturday things to take care of, PLUS a few extras that were way off our usual list of things to do, so by the time Sunday night got here, we were just coming home with groceries for the week about the time we usually are wrapping up the weekend and getting ready for Monday.
While we, the humans, are so very thankful to finally get some rain, our dogs, on the other hand, have now decided their paws are much too delicate to risk any dampness, so they refused to go outside.
AARRGGHH! No matter if you drag them out there, they are going to run as fast as they can back to cover so when one woke me up in the middle of the night, with her legs crossed and hopping back and forth, I had to wake up enough to let her out.
Peee YUUUU, what is that smell?
The other dog evidently decided he would just do his business inside the house! So while still very asleep, I am cleaning up a VERY stinky mess, but not completely as I did not want to get out the mop at 2;30 a.m.!
With the interrupted sleep I then overslept, which is the worst thing you can do when you are responsible for driving the carpool!
I delivered the bad news to Grace that she still needed to finish cleaning up the mess the dogs had left and Annabel and I each grabbed a dog and headed outside. Since the grass was still wet, it took a LOT of convincing to get them to even remotely consider stepping into it, and after much wasted time, we gave up on one and cheered for the other.
Back inside we all three are scrambling for breakfast, clothes, and lunches.
Thankfully, Annabel had her act together and when the others for the carpool arrived, quickly unlocked and changed the seat configuration, while Grace and I were still making a crazy mad dash for required items.
Mom, have you seen my tie?
Ties are required for Monday morning dress meetings at their school and not having it means a detention or a fee.
I ran into their room and while I found an assortment of clothes, bags, and shoes, there was no tie.
Back out again, I am trying to convince Grace that it must be in her backpack.
No, she has checked.
I tear through stacks of books, more clothes, supplies, all of which are on our table, but still no tie.
Time's up, we have to go. As we start to run out the door, I see my cup of coffee on the counter, quickly grabbing it, my purse, and whatever I had thrown together for a lunch.
I felt like I was competing in the long jump category as I built of speed from the porch to the car seat! Voila! Thankfully our carpool mom opened the door for me or I would have splatted.
Car in gear and we're off!
First corner and I am wearing my cup of coffee to work, with no napkin in sight, but really needing a beach towel instead to clean up. The whole time Grace is digging in her backpack and in the very bottom finds her tie!
Everyone is dropped off safe and sound, I make it to work on time, and hoping that is all the dominoes for the day.
Hope your Monday is great!
It's not about sandwiches! It's about my life!

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