Sunday, September 25, 2011

A great weekend

Three pots on the stove with three meals finishing up for the upcoming week. The winners from yesterday's marathon Food Network shows are Pork Roast with Hard Apple Cider Gravy,  from 5 Ingredient Fix, Tortas Ahogadas, or Braised Pork Sandwich with Spicy Tomato Broth, from Mexican Made Easy, and my own variation of the Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast. Reviews later in the week!

Someone asked if cooking didn't just create more housekeeping, but I have figured out a great solution to that. My mother does not mind cleaning up, but she gets tired of cooking, Dad loves to eat, so if we take our meals to their house, I leave all the dirty dishes! See? Isn't that brilliant?

We've had a great weekend and as I have said before, there is no time to get bored around here.

When Grace was very young, I found a guitar at Tuesday Morning at such a bargain I decided to buy it to let her experiment if and when she found an interest in it. So at times she would pick it up and strum it some, but not there was not much discernible music at that point.

Last year, we had the fantastic opportunity for FREE guitar lessons, four days a week, specifically for middle schoolers. We jumped at the chance and both enjoyed learning music as varied as Y Volvere to Smoke on the Water. Annabel got a guitar for Christmas and lots of music has been made.

Fast forward several months and both guitars needed some attention. We have found a new type of "candy store" for teenagers in the form of the store Guitar Center. Both girls LOVE to go and always find plenty of instruments to try, especially guitars.

The work on Annabel's guitar was pretty easy but Grace's was beyond repair. This was bad news as Grace practices almost every night, even teaching herself new songs by watching You Tube videos. To me, this shows dedication and a desire to learn, so while a new guitar would be a great Christmas gift, I just could not see making her wait that many more months, especially when we found a great sale on a used one.

With both girls armed with their guitars again, they both sat in front of their computers, finding videos to learn lots of new songs and hours had passed with neither moving anything but their fingers.

One more comment on that, their guitar style and the songs they like are just as dichotomous as they are, again my yin and my yang.

On our way home from Guitar Center, Grace mentioned a photography competition that her art teacher had mentioned. She then surprised me by recounting that she knew I had won several awards for my photographs in contests. I did not know she had ever noticed as I have very few of my pictures where anyone can even see them.

Way back before my mom days, I used to love to travel and I always traveled with my camera and loved recording those trips on film. It was long enough ago that you truly did record the image on film and had to have them developed to see what you had taken!

Anyway, Grace started asking a lot of questions about what awards I had earned, what the pictures were, how had I chosen my subjects, etc. She really seemed interested and had some ideas of what she might want to photograph for the contest.

It was agreed that we would go downtown this afternoon and give it a try. All three of us were armed with cameras and I loved how even though they started off slowly were soon looking for unique angles and subjects to take.

I, on the other hand, actually got some good pictures of them, with cameras in front, but with neither posing, some I really like. Tell me what you think. OK, I hate trying to add pictures to blogger, so they are in their own post.

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