Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day, Grace!

Seven years ago today, after a very long two year process, I became a mom and Grace became my daughter.
Out of the million decisions I will make in a lifetime, the decision to adopt was the single best one that I have ever made and ever will make.
It was not something I did on the spur of the moment and it took me weeks and months to do research, looking behind the scenes at the options/opportunities, before deciding this was what I would do.
It's so funny how a very casual remark started the process in motion. As I was about to leave the adoption agency on my first visit, crestfallen that adoption just did not seem to be right for me, the social worker casually mentioned the waiting child program in China. She told me an agency I might call for more information and before I left their parking lot had placed a call to learn more.
All of the reams of paperwork were quickly forgotten as I sat in that government office in Nanchang as this gigantic stuffed dog, hiding my dear sweet Grace entered the room.
Life has its ups and downs and will continue and we will see losses and gains, and good and bad, but there is absolutely no semblance of my life before to my life now and for that I am eternally grateful.
I actually thought I had a good life before, but life as a mother is great, greater than I could ever have imagined.
My heart breaks at the thought of the many losses both daughters have experienced in their very young and tender lives, but will always be steadfast in my gratefulness to God for bringing us together.
Happy Gotcha Day, Grace!
It's not about sandwiches! It's about my life!

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