Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ranting about food

I am so disappointed in blogger.

When I look at my post from Sunday, after way too much work to get pictures posted, I don't see anything. Can you?

Now I know why people switch to other providers!

Back to food, a much more important subject for now and a rant about the whole state of food and where and how it is served.

The hard apple cider pork roast was pretty good. Mom liked it well enough that she wanted to save the leftovers. Pretty good endorsement there. If you want to make it, here is the link


My final product was not quite like hers but it gave me inspiration. Tonight was pot roast with mashed potatoes, carrots, spinach, and corn. While I tried the Pioneer Woman's technique, most of it was how I traditionally prepare a pot roast.

BUT my big discussion tonight is about food, not what I prepare, but what we buy when we go out to eat.

What is the deal with the sudden popularity of "street tacos"? Really? I want something that is reminiscent of buying from a place that cooks on the street? Why? Growing up, Dad would always say to check the German Shepherd population around a street vendor to ensure there still were German Shepherds and they weren't what was being served. Maybe that has been enough to turn me off of street vendor food for years! Now the restaurants advertise that they sell street tacos. Does that lend them credence of being "real"?

And what is it with food trucks? There is even a competition about food trucks on the cooking channel. Food trucks, again, something from very formative years, used to be called something disgusting plus the word coach, which rhymes with the other word. These trucks pulled into the parking lots of industrial places and all the workers bought lunch. I know today's trucks are different and offer a variety of gourmet treats, but then where are you supposed to eat? We live in Texas and the temperature stayed over 100 for a million days and I personally don't want to sit out in that temperature while enjoying one of the few meals I buy out.

And for some reason I thought food would be cheaper from one of these food trucks but was I wrong! They have little or no overhead as there is no brick and mortar costs and everything is served on disposal products but maybe I just don't get it.

When I go out to eat, which is not often, I admit, as I am way too tight with my (our) money, but I really don't even like a buffet. I want to sit down, tell someone what I want to eat and drink, them serve me, make sure it is right, fill up my glass if it threatens to be depleted, then smile, and thank me for my business all while enjoying their controlled environment with the temperature somewhere about 73 degrees! And I want flatware that does not break or bend and a plate that someone will wash later.

Is that too much to ask?

OK, rant over.

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