Thursday, September 22, 2011

So very depressing!

Research shows that women struggle more with depression than men do and I know why.


There I said it and it is out there and you might think I am sexist, dismissive, and otherwise ill informed, but housework is my single most depressing issue that I face DAILY!

Think about it, you just get your kitchen clean and someone comes in wanting something to eat or drink and what is left? Dirty dishes, a mess on the floor, fingerprints on your refrigerator! I mean seriously, one quick bite or sip can upset the whole cart!

Since I work full time, I try to tackle a little bit of the problems each night so the weekend is not dreaded and cleaning house is the only thing we ever get to do. But I get no where! As soon as one section is clean, you turn around and what you did the night before is now dirty! NEVER are there NO dishes to wash, clothes to wash, clothes to fold, floors to sweep, sinks to clean, and we're not even talking mopping and dusting, toilets or tubs! Much less windows and curtains and just the stuff that stacks up!

Our dogs don't help.

Saturday I vacuumed the rug in my room. By Sunday it was covered with balls of fluff from the dogs, shaking their booties on my rug to get a good scratch going! GROSS!

Wednesday night Grace woke me up with the news that one of the dogs had an accident in her bed. GREAT! We had just changed the sheets. Let's do it again!

And who sends that much mail when almost everything is on the computer now and when did I subscribe to these magazines that I don't have time to read that are making that tall stack that looks like the leaning tower of Pisa? 

When I watch TV, through the layer of dust on our screen, I look at the settings in "people's homes". Where is their stack of mail that needs to be gone through or their children's papers they really want to save for posterity? The ONLY show that even hints at reality is The Middle. She is my kind of housekeeper. She stores her grandmother's quilt in her stove because she doesn't have anywhere else to put it!

When it was just me, I actually had someone who came every two weeks and cleaned. What was she cleaning? How messy was I, by myself, that I needed someone to clean?

Oh dear! Maybe the problem isn't the kids and the dogs, it's me!

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