Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time travel

Last week I felt like a magician. Or maybe a time traveler, coming from some long ago time sharing antique inventions that no longer exist!

I had 2 boxes, filled with wonders, that kept my girls spellbound wondering what in the world that contraption was???!!!!

I pulled one strange wooden box out that had a wire attached. Annabel asked, what is that?

It is a speaker.

How do you use it? Wait, you have two of them? How do they work?

Hold on and I will show you.

Then I pulled out this contraption that if you pushed the button on the top, it opened, and they started pushing the others.

By the time I finally got my "bookshelf" stereo assembled and plugged in, they were trying to make the strange display work by pushing on it.

No, it is not touch screen.

Then Annabel started shouting at it.

It certainly isn't voice recognition.

I showed them how to select FM stereo, then use the scan arrow until we found a station we can all agree on.

Wow! They had never seen such a thing.

Then Grace started playing with the "tuner" and showing me how if you were just one number off that it made it all staticy.

It all made me laugh and feel quite old.

Music is one of those things that has helped me realize just how quickly my girls are growing up. The very fact that we all will listen to the same radio station says a lot. We don't all like the same songs but we do like enough of them.

Growing up my Dad and Mom always listened to the radio in the mornings. I remember this gigantic green box radio Dad had that even had world bands on it, but I'm not sure if we ever heard more than KBOX or WBAP in the mornings with the latest Porter and Dolly and Buck and even some Conway Twitty. I don't think there were ever any traffic reports in those days and the news probably came off a teletype machine, but we knew everyone of the DJs as if they were members of the family and every song had a story.

The radio had a dial and you had to really work hard to get just the right place to even get your local radio station. Nothing digital on that old box.

Eventually we each had our own radios and my first was a clock radio, again with a dial that took some delicate maneuvering to get just the right radio station, with just the one speaker but it did the job.

I really don't remember when I bought this "stereo" which I am putting in quotation marks because to call it a stereo is quite a stretch and again a foreign word to my girls.

But after I adopted Grace, under the tutelage of my sister Jana, I quickly learned that music I was used to listening to would hold little interest for a 6 year old. I quickly adapted and tunes from Mickey and Minnie, Belle, Snow White, and Cinderella soon blasted daily, so I put up my stereo.

Hearing this very spunky 6 year old, with little or no English, belting out Oh my Darling and She'll be coming round the mountain, will be one of those memories I will always cherish.

Too soon though we switched from the animated Disney tunes to those with the tween pop star sounds, and then I blinked and they made the jump to popular music.

So I decided to start some memories with them, like mine with Dad's radio playing each morning and dug out that antique that will allow all of us to listen to music together, without headphones! They already want to share it with the dogs!

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