Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's for dinner?

As much as I hate housework, just the opposite can be said for cooking. I LOVE to cook. I"m not necessarily very good at it, but now that I have a hungry audience, then I have plenty of opportunities to work at perfecting , experimenting, and finding just the right ingredients to achieve success! And success for me is when the bowls are empty or there is just enough left for lunch and Annabel grabs it up for her lunch!

The one problem with cooking regularly though, is you get tired of making the same thing and I am really bad about just throwing stuff together when I am too tired and knowing that as long as it has noodles or rice, my girls will generally eat it.

So lately I have looked for inspiration in a variety of ways. Sometimes I take a cookbook and pick out 3 or 4 different recipes to make for the week. Sometimes I grab a magazine, looking for things that we can all agree on, tear out the pages and head to the grocery store. I subscribe to lots of different sites that are more than willing to email me their daily choices, which if I print, I quickly lose. There is one more great resource for recipes and that is all the THOUSANDS of cooking shows on TV now.

It used to be the only place you could find someone cooking was on your local educational channel, which for us, continues to be Channel 13. The earliest shows I remember, were not watched for inspiration, but more for entertainment. I remember, of course, Julia Child, but French cooking was so foreign. Then there was The Galloping Gourmet. Can't remember a single thing he cooked. Then Justin Wilson and his Cajun cooking. OOO Wee! or was his trademark Woo! Wee!, either way, it was never anything I was going to prepare.

Now, with the addition of cable, there are at least 2 channels that are devoted only to cooking. You add in Martha Stewart taking over the Hallmark Channel, which adds a few more, and on Saturdays, there is still Channel 13. So many choices!

Last week I watched Rachel Ray's week in a day show and Semi Homemade with Sandra Lee, which resulted in us having drop biscuit chicken pot pie, delicious!, and chicken and corn chowder, which was only fair. I meant to make Rachel Ray's shrimp dish also but knew that if we ate with Mom and Dad, it would be much too spicy, so we opted for fried shrimp instead.

I am so glad to be home this morning with nowhere we have to be and I am desperately trying to avoid housework, so Annabel and I are enjoying a morning of a variety of cooking shows.

I'm not sure I have any inspiration for the week, but Annabel, after watching Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, has decided you must be part crazy to be a chef, but then her interest was piqued by a new show for both of us, The Kimchi Chronicles. In between, The Pioneer Woman made me want to cook a great big old pot roast and if I watch Barefoot Contessa, I will be wanting dessert first!

I would love for you to send me your favorite recipe and maybe it will inspire me too!

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