Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where have I been?

Annabel's homework is to write a story about a significant event in your life. She had asked me to make sure we had time tonight for her to ask some questions about specifics of her adoption.
There is so much of that that surprised me and not even sure I can put into words what part of it surprised me other than her decision to write about her adoption.

So tonight I sat down with her and opened up my old blog where I recorded the first two years of our life as a family.

Thank goodness I took the time then to sit and write.

There is already so much I had forgotten and details that would be lost that reading each post brought back a flood of memories.

It makes me wonder why I don't write as often and I have to say it is just more complicated now.

I have a lot of posts that I have written and then not published. Most of these seemed to have rambled on or I never quite got them to where I wanted them or decided they were really just too personal to put out for everyone to read, which is more often the case.

It was different when they were younger but now I am keenly aware of the risks of posting things they would consider personal.

And so while that is part of it another part is that I think that what I write isn't that good any more.

Now hear me out.

Have you seen how many gazillion blogs there are? I mean everyone has a blog, many have multiples. AND for a lot of people that is how they earn a living, writing their blogs.

I cannot tell you how very much I would LOVE to be able to earn a living from what I write. That to me would be the absolute dream job, but when I read these other people's blogs, the ones that make money from writing them, I am blown away!

I mean seriously, these people are talented!

Most of the blogs I have gotten into have thousands of followers. They have their own Facebook page! You subscribe to their posts and each day in your inbox are their latest brilliant posts!

A big difference in these posts and mine are they are rarely just ruminations of the day's events. Instead these people bring you the latest and greatest in a long list of things you did not know you needed, or could do, or could make, or could cook, or ways you can save money, or ways to turn a T shirt into, I don't know, a prom dress! Wow!

These women, most of the ones I read are written by women, tell you what to cook for dinner, how to clean up dog vomit, how to decorate your home, I mean they are all aspiring Martha Stewarts and I am so the opposite.

If you need toilet paper and don't mind a case being delivered, they can tell you how to get it for pennies on the dollar.

You want to know how to make your own toilet paper, there is probably a blog post somewhere for that.

How about recycling your toilet paper? You betcha! Plenty of blogs on how to increase your greenness while decreasing your carbon footprint.

And even if there are no recipes for a meal of toilet paper, there is probably a blog post on making your toilet paper into a Pottery Barn lookalike must have home accessory.

So you see, I think I have become rather hard on myself and decided that mine just didn't stand up to the competition so I have quit writing with the frequency I once did.

I hope that I will quit worrying about the brilliance of everyone else and get back to mine as more of a journal, because I know in the future, what happens in our day to day life will be as amusing as reading the details of our lives from just three years ago.

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