Thursday, October 20, 2011

The changing seasons

I had two terrible things happen to me last week.

Every year as the calendar changes from August to September, I think to myself, I can still wear _____ (fill in the blank). This year, as in many other years, I was sure I would continue to wear my sandals, my white skirt, that favorite sleeveless top, even when it got a little cooler. The weather never really gets that cold here that I could not keep wearing these favorite items.

But then one morning I wake up and cannot even imagine wearing that white skirt, that sleeveless top, or those sandals, because it is too late in the year! It has finally gotten cooler! So many reasons and then I realize the seasons did change and my perception of what is "right" has changed so gradually that until that moment I wasn't even aware of it.

Age and seasons seem to be a common analogy and while I was sure I was still in the prime of my summer, these two terrible things happened that make me wonder if my seasons changed so gradually, so subtlety that I had not noticed.

I went into a shop to buy a cute Halloween card to send my nieces. The only cards they had were $6 each!!! I commented to the manager that the price was too high. She, being younger and blonder, did a quick nudge and wink, and said, "Well, you will get the senior discount!"

WHAT??? Who is she talking to? Did someone come in behind me? I know I don't look like I should get that discount.

THEN, something even worse happened.

On Wednesday I realized that I only had a half tank of gas. I immediately started planning when I could get over to the service station to fill up. I worried that I only had half a tank. HALF a TANK! Yikes! When did I start fretting over having "just" half a tank? I used to think that going to fill up before the warning light came on was a waste of time and energy! Much less it made for way too many trips for gas! Yuck, who wants to go more often then they HAD to?

Then an unexpected errand made that gas gauge register even lower! But by the time we were headed home from the errand it had gotten dark and I hated to stop.

No problem, it was not my week to do the car pool. I only had to drop the girls off at our meeting point and onto work, a total of about 2 miles, so I was surely safe, BUT I should probably drop them off and then head straight to fill up. I had LESS than HALF a tank, I should hurry and get it filled up. I might have to be a little late to work, but I HAD to get it full.

That's when it hit me. Who am I???

I know my Dad fills up the second his car drops to three quarters of a tank! BUT not ME! I would be willing to put $1 in and see just how far I could go and then HOPE that I made it in time to buy more. Now I was worried with a half a tank!

Oh my! Have I slipped into that next season?

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  1. You are hilarious, Jerri! And here I am...the gas light is about 2 miles away from turning on, actually...although I don't usually drive that close to the light coming on!

    But yes, $6 for a Halloween card is RIDICULOUS!! Go to doll@r tree...they are 2 for $1!