Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cutting through the thick of it!

Recently we had a cooking demonstration for a program we had at work. She spent a bit of time discussing the need to have really good quality knives and that a good knife should cost about the same as a little black dress. Well the last time I bought a little black dress, my budget was all about me, not split three ways.

I thought I had some fairly good knives and it had not been a problem until she put that idea in my mind.

Then last week, I tried to slice the pot roast I had prepared and instead it ended up looking like "pulled" beef.

AARRGGHH! I wanted to take every knife I had and throw them away!

Instead I posted a question about favored brands of knives on a mom's group I am a member of and boy it stirred up a lot of interest and I started getting responses almost immediately. People feel very strongly about the knives they use.

Yesterday I made a quick trip to the Crate and Barrel Outlet. They had a great deal on a good set and I felt I must have it if I was ever going to possibly continue to cook.

I had not taken the time to even open the package but I was running a little late getting started on dinner tonight so I opened it up quickly and decided to give the chef's knife a quick wash. Rather than use a dish cloth I just ran my finger down the blade and promptly cut the fire out of my thumb. Of course you already saw that coming.

I must say a good knife does make all the difference, it is much faster and more efficient, or at least I think it is. Holding the tourniquet on my thumb made it a little difficult to maneuver but it did make for a good clean cut!

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