Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do you suffer from these problems?

I drive my co-workers and others crazy by being able to accurately diagnose their problems.

Tonight, I have self diagnosed a condition that has become a chronic condition in the last few years, Ican'tstandtoseedirtydishesinthesinkitis.

I've decided it is a condition you only acquire at a certain point in your life as the younger members of my family instead have the condition known as Imightbeabletostuffonemoredishintothesinkitis.

I have to say I have really good daughters, really good and each one has their chores they are to do each week for their allowance, which is not as consistent as it should be but the chores are still expected to be done.

Their chores include the laundry, one washes, the other folds and puts away; the trash, one takes out the recycling, the other takes out the regular trash; and the dishes, one unloads the dishwasher and the other loads. Some weeks when homework is taking its toll I jump in and help, but for the most part, I expect them to learn to budget their time to ensure everything gets done.

The only problem is that I want it done when I want it done, not necessarily when they get around to it and as a result I have developed this condition where I hate to see a dirty dish in the sink! When I start to cook, I want everything clean, as I have a really small work surface and need all the room I can get. This is a fairly recent development for me because I truly was like my kids and had the old, I can still fit one more dish into the sink syndrome before. If the Queen of England had dropped by, there would have been dishes in my sink, no doubt about it. Now, it would make me crazy! I can't hardly stand to go to bed until that sink is clean. (That sentence sounds very Texan or just country!)

I'm not sure if men suffer from this but I know growing up that Dad had a condition known as iseverylightoninthishouseexcepttheoneinmycloset? I think that one is reserved for men though because I don't mind having every single light on including the one in my closet and don't mind paying the bill even, I like it well lit!

I have had this other problem for a long time, whatisthathorriblesmell? itis. I've been blessed (?) with an ultra sensitive nose but what I don't understand is how my girls, who get home an hour or so before me, can be in the house and not notice that the trash MUST go! You can almost hear them saying, "HUH? Smell? I don't smell anything!"

I'm not sure if there is a cure for any of these problems, but hoping that Congress might consider sending some serious funding for research and I will be glad to help out by hiring someone to do it exactly when I want it done!

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