Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drive Time

To the man who was in front of me, beside me, and finally behind me in traffic today:

I know what you were thinking. You thought I should have left earlier if I was in that big a rush that I was switching lanes that much.

I promise, I did leave on time but somehow traffic was against me and less than a mile from work and 15 minutes had already passed.

When I realized that I only had 15 minutes to drive the majority of my trip I did speed up. I was just sure I could finally get around the clump of traffic that you too were stuck in, but you kept going the same speed as I bobbed and weaved and cut in and out but somehow we always ended up either side by side or you were still ahead.

I could sense your disapproval. I did not need to see your face because I felt it.

But you see, I was in a hurry.

I needed to pick up my daughters and I have to admit, I hate to make them wait. No, they aren't impatient, but I always worry about them thinking no one is coming to get them. Their early years were rough and too many times there wasn't someone there to pick them up, so I admit, I hurried to get there so they wouldn't have any doubts that I would be there to pick them up.

BUT you will be glad to know, I felt your disapproval and I knew I was wrong. While it is very important for my daughters to know I am coming, it is more important for me to get there. I slowed down. I made it safely. Thank you for your concern.

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