Saturday, October 1, 2011

A hard week

This has been a hard week and I am treasuring some quiet time on Saturday morning, enjoying a cup of coffee in an actual cup, not my thermal to go mug, and watching cooking shows, while Annabel tackles homework, and Grace catches up on her beauty sleep.

For a living, I try to come up with things to keep the older adults in the community active and healthy. Sometimes my ideas get way bigger or way more than what should be tried, but I feel so committed to try to improve the quality of their lives, that I push on.

At the end of the a week like this, I think I must be crazy!

Of course a common theme of any "get healthy" program is eat better and exercise more, but I know at some point that holds less and less appeal. Actually, at this point in my life, the exercise more is not thrilling either.

Anyway, this week we had three days of "trial" exercise programs as well as health screenings, but what made this week the hardest, was saying good bye to a dear friend, who also happened to be a volunteer.

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