Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seniors making the neighborhood better or why I do what I do
The link above is a story about some of my friends. These are the people who motivate me to do the job I do every day.  I don't write about my job often but hope you will allow an analogy about it as it has been quite a week at work!

You know sometimes how you decide, just one dip of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream sounds so delicious and the perfect sweet treat, but then before you can get the first bite down, you decide if you just sliced up a banana in it, that would make it taste even better, almost like a banana split, right?
But then you remember you have some nuts that you just bought and just a few of those, with the banana, would really make that ice cream delicious?

And once you've gone that far and you now have a faint memory of some ice cream dish you had somewhere that was really good but it had coconut on it too, so you add just enough to make it a vanilla ice cream, banana, coconut, nut dessert instead. And about that time you remember it also had some hot fudge on it, so you stop and look for some chocolate syrup, which you don't have, but decide you can substitute caramel to finally make it the perfect, absolutely without a doubt, best sweet treat ever.

So that's how I do my job.

I think of something that sounds like such a great idea and that is really all we need.
But then I sit there thinking, that while that is really a great idea, if I just added this one more thing to it, it would be so much better.

And before you know it, I have a program that no longer resembles that first idea, but now includes all the extras that can make it the perfect, absolutely without a doubt, best program ever!
And I have to say that people like those in the story above are who motivate me to keep adding those extras to finally reach a point where I think we can do the most good for the older adults in our community.

Well, that is all well and good if you are only preparing one dish at a time, but unfortunately, at any given time we have a number of  "dishes" being prepared at once. One day this week, we had 6 events occurring simultaneously! So, needless to say, it has been a pretty full week.

So because of people like those in the story above, I am driven to do even more and never seem to learn my lesson. Would anyone like dessert?

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