Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks Mom!

"That is so pretty!"

That was my mom's response as I held up a stick with just a few autumn leaves still attached after I had stripped it of its pretty flowers

But you see, that is my mom. She can find the good in EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!

I obviously did not take after her.

I kept waking up worried about how I was going to tackle the project, formerly known as our house. While I can organize a meal being served for 300 in 15 minutes, I cannot seem to organize this house. It is always out of control so when Mom dropped in today, I immediately unloaded on her about how overwhelmed I was by trying to clean our house. Even though she probably did not feel like it, she went home, got her favorite dust mop and cleaners and came back and began to tackle the living room. With her involved, she made sure the girls were also and within an hour the mountain became a mole hill.

I know how fortunate I am as not everyone has a mom who believes in them like mine does. She even let me cut her hair when I probably should not have been allowed to even use scissors! Even at this age, I can show mom a spot so tiny that it would take a magnifying glass to see and she will respond appropriately with the right amount of sympathy. And on the opposite end, she can be sitting there looking at me and then ask if my eye might be swollen.

Thanks Mom!

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