Tuesday, October 4, 2011

U.S. History

I have no idea how Annabel has been able to do all she has in learning English and the monster sized homework assignments she completes and much less how she continues to make good grades and only every now and then, she needs some help.

Her recent U.S. History assignment required an understanding of the U.S. History that I think we develop after hearing it, reading it, and learning it for years, not just the sampling she has gotten in the last 3 years!

The assignment was interesting and I learned quite a bit too, but they were to pick one of the original 13 colonies, find the basis of the colony's creation, the culture of the colony, and prepare a 5 minute speech pretending to be a colonist recruiting people in England to leave their homes and join them in the new world.

The research was fine and even the poster was fine, but trying to develop the speech was really difficult. She went from being the comedian, to the ad libber, to despair, and about the time I thought we had reached the breaking point, she got it down to a pretty succinct presentation with all the details and emphasizing the important points of her research.

As I dropped them off for school I was still saying a little prayer that she could remember all the details, not get distracted, and hopefully show her teacher some of the hard work she had done.

In the middle of the day I got a recorded message from the school that while there had been a power outage at the school, things were ok and the power was back on. Hmmm, wasn't sure what that meant, but when I picked them up, Annabel jumped in the car full of news!

The power had gone out almost as soon as school started and U.S. History was up first, so class was held in the dark, basically.

Annabel volunteered to go first, BRILLIANT!, and the teacher acknowledged the challenge of presenting in the dark and she got a 93!

I love it when even the bad things can work together for good!

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