Sunday, November 6, 2011

Blessings for today

I've gotten into the habit of going to the grocery store on Sunday afternoons. I am still trying to plan a menu and meals that I can prepare somewhat in advance so our crazy evenings aren't any crazier than they have to be.

Today I chose Aldi, which in some ways makes you even more responsible for what you choose to buy as you know you are going to be handling it several times, in the basket, out for the checker, then you have to bag it and load it into your car. Then of course bringing it in and unpacking. I think if you go to a regular grocery store, maybe you don't have to get quite so personal with your food as others will handle it for you.

Anyway, we were studying about laying up treasures in heaven, rather than earth, and our tendency toward excess, and had this in mind, as I weighed the decision on each item that went into my basket,. What was needed and what was excess?

So this brings me to what I am thankful for today:

I am thankful that I can go to a grocery store that is fully stocked, with multiple choices, and I can buy what my family needs, not all that they want, but can buy not only what we need, but can also buy extra to fill the request from the local children's home and for veterans and their families who have fallen on hard times.

I am thankful that our stores have a wide variety of foods, the individual ingredients to cook from scratch, packaged products for when time or desire is short, and fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat, and there is no line to get in, and I have the money to pay, not a card issued by the state, but money I earned.

I am especially thankful for these things because I am preparing them for those who have not always had these luxuries. As all who lived through the Great Depression (although my father says his family was already so poor they did not know it even happened), my parents were thrilled to get an orange as a Christmas present, not be able to buy large bags of them. Frozen food did not exist so vegetables in the winter came from a can or a jar when you canned yours that you grew. Meat was served only when an animal was slaughtered, with absolutely no part of it wasted. Families were large and times were lean and money was scarce.

I have never experienced true hunger. I rarely even feel hungry, but have never known hunger. For my daughters, hunger has been a reality, a part of their day to day lives, as it continues to be for so many throughout the world. The faces of those starving rarely make the evening news. I guess it doesn't bring in the ratings or is too disturbing. Instead our news focuses on those who have excess and the petty problems they face and it is called news.

I am truly thankful for the food, the variety, the sheer volume that is available for me and my family.

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