Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Great things to be thankful for

Since I last sat down to write so much has happened to limit my thanks to the last three days will be difficult, but I will try.
I am thankful for my health. If you saw my medical history, you would probably wonder how I can still be here. It is long and complicated and more than once have had what the airlines call "near misses". There are plenty of things I would like to improve regarding my health, as my blood pressure, although in the normal range, is at the top of it, and the same holds for cholesterol and there are always pounds I would love to disengage myself from, so when I was offered the opportunity to participate in a special program at work to help combat these issues, I decided to take them up on it.
Yesterday I went for my initial consultation.
First the nurse asked what illnesses I had.
None that I could think of.
Then the nurse practitioner came in and asked the same thing.
I started wracking my brain trying to remember if there was something wrong with me.
Finally the doctor came in and said I probably did not qualify because I was healthy!
Got to love that! I am thankful for my good health!
Then as soon as I think I have the final details of my big program confirmed for Friday, it began to unravel.
When I exhausted all of my resources, I turned to my friends on Facebook. I should probably put friends in quotations so you know and understand the rest.
I am very thankful for friends that are always there and ready to pitch in, calling in favors for me, following up, and making sure I got it "fixed". The best part is that some of these friends I have never even met!
So while I am thankful for friends, this is not where I am going to comment on them, yet, but I want to say how thankful I am for friends I have never met!
At the end of some of these marathon type days at work, I find I am especially thankful for a nice, warm bed to provide the rest needed to make the next day even better.
It's not about sandwiches! It's about my life!

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