Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful is an understatement

When making a list of things I am thankful for, the coincidence of National Adoption Month falling into the same month as Thanksgiving is not lost on me. To say I am thankful for adoption is the biggest understatement I could possibly make. There are so many people, most I will never know, some who have no idea how they impacted my life, but all who brought me to the best my life has ever been.

So to name a few people for whom I am thankful in regards to adopting my daughters, I must start with the birth mothers, not just my daughters' mothers, but all birth mothers who make the truest sacrifice and make the decision to allow their child to be adopted. I'm not sure that I would or could make such a decision, but will be eternally grateful to two mothers in particular, who gave the ultimate in selflessly when they took the time and care to place my daughters in public places so they would be found in hopes of a better life.

I am thankful for the birth families as well and feel a tinge of sympathy for them as they will never know what fantastic beings they are missing in the make up of their family.

I am thankful to the people at the Social Welfare Institute, who provided the initial home for my daughters, who acquiesced and allowed strangers into their facility who disapproved of their methods at times, but allowed them to make the changes needed to provide a nurturing environment that my daughters are able to form bonds and show love.

I am thankful to those who, stateside, sent checks supporting these children they did not know, ensuring their health and safety, and even provided a few bright spots in what could otherwise have been dismal childhoods.

I am thankful to my Auntie Peggy and Uncle George, who were so ahead of their time, sought out adoption and provided the earliest glimpses of what that family could look like.

To my sister Jana, who persevered in her decision to adopt, even when faced with the effect it might have on her life.

To my niece, Darcey, who, from the first instant I saw her, made me fall in love with these beautiful children in China who needed parents.

To Eileen, who chose to be a single mom and when I heard her story, knew I had to find out more.

To those here who helped provide funding to get us to China two times and bring my family home.

You see, the list could go on and on While we credit ancient proverbs with the saying, It takes a village to raise a child", it is quite obvious that adoption involves so many more.

My heart is full of thankfulness to all of you who impacted the source and presence of my family.

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