Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanks for family

I can't let the month of thankfulness end without telling what I am most thankful for - family.

While growing up, our family seemed huge. There were so many aunts and uncles and cousins and when we all got together at my grandmother's house, well, I'm really not sure how we all fit. Family also consisted of mom, dad, and 2 -4 kids, for everyone in the extended family too.

Now our family seems so much smaller but no less important. There aren't as many opportunities to get together and that does make it harder. Plus family no longer means mom, dad, and 2.5 kids but they are still family and they love you and accept you, no matter how stupid you are. And they are proud of you, even if the accomplishment is tiny.

And with the acceptance of families no longer having to fit a certain mold, then I was able to make my own family, and having my daughters is easily the single thing I am most thankful for.

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