Thursday, November 3, 2011


On Facebook during November most people post something they are thankful for each day.

I decided I would post mine on my blog instead.

You see, growing up, I really liked November, hate Fall, but like what all November represented with Thanksgiving, both of my sisters' birthdays, the arrival of the Christmas Sears Catalog, and two days off from school.

But five years ago that changed with the passing of my sister in November and for the last five years I have begun to dread November as early as August.

Last year something great happened in November though.

My first great niece was born and Isabel Rose made November get better. I'm not sure if her parents planned that but feel certain that God did.

This year in November, we have another exciting event, as another niece is getting married.

So finding something to be thankful for every day is getting easier than it has the last few years and since it is already the third day of November, I will tell you three, all of which became evident first thing this morning.

1. I am thankful for seat warmers. After a brutal summer, with record breaking heat, I was not sure if I could ever feel cool again, but as is usually true with Texas weather, we like to go to extremes and the temperature dropped rapidly last night. So this morning, in my very base package car, I am thrilled that seat warmers are considered part of the base package.

2. While driving my daughters to school, we came across a wreck where a car sat straddling the median, which made me think, I am thankful for all the 100's of safe trips we have had in our commute to school.

3. This might sound rather simple, but once I dropped the girls off at school I enjoy listening to the radio and I switch from a station that is all fluff to NPR, depending on how challenged I want my brain to be that morning. So I am thankful to have the radio and the varied stations we have available.

What are you thankful for?

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