Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dangers of electronic calendars

Keeping track of where I need to be, at what time, and with whom is made considerably easier by keeping all work and other appointments on an electronic calendar with my email. I can pull it up on my phone and check out probably the rest of my life, if anything is noted on it.

The only problem with these calendars is they can only be as good as the person who inputs the appointments.

I am notorious for looking at a day that already has more than one major event happening and trying to fit in one more, or a week with so many things going on that it would take at least 3 clones to get it all done which absolutely drives my co-workers nuts. So when I put an appointment on my calendar, I put the time I need to be there, not the time I need to leave to get there, so I don't allow drive time. BIG problem.

Last week I started teaching a class that makes me extremely nervous. When I was trained on teaching the class, I never could seem to quite please the instructors, which is a pretty foreign concept to me, because I love to learn and always try to be the best. Yes, extremely competitive. But no matter how hard I tried, I always felt my efforts in the training just weren't good enough. So now I get very nervous each time before I start teaching this class.

There was another big problem with the class in that the materials I needed, and had been requesting for 2 weeks, still had not been supplied. Checking my email right before I went to bed looking one more time for a miraculous resolution of the needed supplies, instead just caused a lot of fretting and not much sleep. The email I got told me I could just come pick up what I needed, only their time frame for it to be available was a very small window, one in which I knew I had other things planned.

So I start out the day by oversleeping because I had very little sleep, still trying to figure out the most professional way to handle the supplies crisis, and as I jump in the car, remember I had forgotten my teaching materials inside, so I ran back in, but wondered why my shoe was making a weird noise, when I saw a leaf stuck to my shoe as I went back out the door.

Convinced it was just a damp leaf, I dragged my heel across our welcome mat and ran back to the car, jumping in before the realization of why that leaf would stick to my shoe could set in, dog poo.

Now I have always said one of the MANY benefits to adopting older children, rather than babies is there are no diapers to change because the smell of any poop makes me terribly sick, but dog poo especially, which in the confined space of a car makes it especially gross.

But we are late, so I stop the car in front of the neighbor's house, trying to drag the edge of my shoe across the little edge of the door, and begging the girls to find some wipes or napkins.

OK so we are running late, I am desperately searching for anything to use to wipe with and now have it on my hands and since I have never put any wipes in the car, we don't have any. (I really wish there was a genie who would put those kind of things in for you.) So all the girls can manage to come up with is a used kleenex and part of a paper towel. By now everything stinks but because we are running late, it is rainy (oh forgot to mention that part!) so traffic will be bad, and I have a very early appointment for Grace to see an orthodontist and now I have to fit in trying to pick up supplies too all before I can get to the class, I put it in gear and we charge on.

Because my morning drive is at least an hour, I always take my coffee and breakfast to enjoy on the way but when you have the remnants of dog poo on your hands, it is not nearly as appetizing. Thankfully the girls finally did find some hand sanitizer but for once I made every light, so we are almost there before I get to clean my hands.

By the time we drop Annabel off at school we have 10 minutes to get to the orthodontist office, which I realize, I had not mapquested so not sure how to get there.

I throw Grace my phone, tell her where to find the address and once she puts it in, says there is no match on the map, until I remind her we are in Irving, so with the directions, we are back on the road and hoping not to be late.

I've put off trying to find an orthodontist until I had Annabel's surgery from last year paid off, but when I saw my balance there was still $3000 I knew we would just have to tighten our belt a little more or Grace could be graduating from college before we ever get started.

Knowing that an orthodontist will require regular visits I need to find one that is either close to the school or close to our house and will have either early morning or late afternoon appointments.

This one was close to the school and after I filled out the volumes of paperwork, we were escorted in for the examination. One of the questions was asking what kind of problems the patient has. Not to trivialize, but Grace really only has one crooked tooth.

He did not make the best impression on me when he laughingly told her I thought she only had one crooked tooth. Then she opened her mouth, he looked in, and said, Hmmm, she does have only one crooked tooth!

I don't know if it was hot in there or just felt that way, but when he finally got down to how much it was going to cost, I realized my shoe fell off my foot and the original smell from earlier that morning permeated the air. My share would be $4000, which they would gladly finance over the next year.

I think the rest of the day was a blur rushing from one appointment to the next, thanks to my handy dandy electronic calendar, but all had the original lovely aroma in it!

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