Saturday, January 21, 2012

Laws of nature

When you are in school you learn about various "laws" of science, usually named after the scientist who discovered them, such as Newton's law of gravity, ok, can't remember any more.

Recently though, I have discovered several laws of science that have as yet remained unnamed and unpublished, but I want to share them here with you first.

The first is:.

"A clean sink is a magnet for dishes."

There are actually 2 parts to this law.

The 2nd part is:

"A double sink that has dishes in one side will increase its magnetic ability to force any new dishes to be deposited into the clean side."

If you personally have not experienced these phenomena you might be doubtful but let me assure you that I have seen this law happen again and again in my very own kitchen.

There is a website that helps people get the task of cleaning their house under control and broken into very manageable steps. One of the most basic lessons is to clean your sink each night, and it assures you the next day will start much better. While I have forgotten the name of the website and any of the other lessons, that one has stuck with me and I began to try to always make sure my kitchen sink was empty and clean at night.

What happens next can only be described as a force of nature because the very second it is clean and you walk away, immediately a dish will appear in your sink, especially if you have just started your dishwasher!

The second part, about the one clean sink in a double sink setting, I have personally witnessed innumerable times. A child is standing there, looking down into the sink that is piled with dirty dishes, sees the clean, shiny side, and is magnetically drawn to put their dirty dish into the clean side. I am sure there is no other explanation for them to do this! It must be a law of science!

There are others that mothers over the years have learned, such as a telephone to your ear transforms you into a magnet for your child who has a very important question to ask, but will forget it just as quickly when you interrupt your call to listen to them.

A trip to the bathroom can also turn you into a magnet. There can be no other possible explanation for the behavior that requires an immediate answer to things like "mom, someone's at the door" or " mom, I think the dog is eating your headphones" or "did you mean for dinner to be burned because it sure is stinking". You see, you know your children and love them and you know they would only interrupt if this law of science was forcing them.

There is one other that I believe requires further research but feel too old to carry out on my own so hoping one of the younger moms might continue for me. It is well known to all mothers that no matter how dead tired you are and soundly you might be sleeping, when a child even whispers "mom" in the middle of the night, you are able to wake up immediately to see what is wrong. Maybe I should change my alarm to just whisper "mom". Maybe that would get me wider awake faster!


  1. "did you mean for dinner to be burned?" HAHAHA! Why, yes, my child. I was hoping to feed you charcoal tonight it's amazing digestive benefits. Thank you for asking!

    As for the whispers, we haven't gotten to that point yet, but when Izzy was still in our room, her rolling over sometimes made me wake up to check on her with the light of my cell phone.

  2. I love your blogs--such great style. You have a book calling in your future. ~ Lisa