Monday, January 2, 2012

Two disturbing messages

I'm trying to figure out two people tonight.

One is someone I casually know and the other, I guess, is a stranger.

It seems like most people view the new year as a beginning, a time when the slate is wiped clean and they can start anew in any number of efforts. Maybe it is diet and exercise, which I guess are the most popular, but others see it as a time to start a year with more kindness, civility, an attempt to try to get along.

If the two people I had dealings with today had resolved to be a better person, I have to report they have already broken their resolutions.

The first came as a message sent to me, reminding me one more time that I had caused this person, evidently such a huge disappointment, that a year later, they still feel the need to send a snide message.

This person is not a child and I am sure that in almost every arena of their life they have bested me, so I guess I am stumped as to why they feel the need to remind me regularly of how I failed them. They have never accepted that no matter how rude they have been that it did not change the decision made that and accept that it was out of my hands. I really am at a loss.

The second came as a hand written note on my windshield as we left the movie. I won't repeat it here, as the only words that are not R rated are "you" and maybe the word "jack". This one blew me away. Of course it was not signed and gave no indication what dreadful deed I had done to deserve a note like this. I have replayed our entire drive, that actually was driven at the speed limit with no stunt driving. I did not cut anyone off and there were plenty of choices of parking spaces so I really cannot imagine what caused that person to leave such a note.

Both were done, I am guessing, to hurt my feelings. Well, they really have not accomplished their goal, I'm afraid. Instead I feel like I have only been worried that there are people who choose that as a goal, the need to hurt someone else.

The only part of this that has been difficult is knowing that I was being watched by four very interested eyes. No, not the writers of either messages, but my daughters to see how I reacted. I did not mention the first message and on the second, I simply put it in my pocket. I will hope your day is better tomorrow and the need to hurt someone goes away.

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