Sunday, February 26, 2012

Is the truth out there?

Several years ago there was a TV show called, The X Files. The two FBI agents, Mulder and Scully, were sent out to provide reasonable explanations for out of worldly experiences.

I have some situations here at home that I wonder if even Mulder and Scully could explain.

Now I have written more than once about my socks that have disappeared, but I think I have figured that one out. The mates have decided they no longer want to be in a relationship and have split. Maybe they were in a forced relationship and the only thing they had in common is that they looked alike. Maybe it had been an arranged relationship from the start and when they saw their chance, they just took off! I mean it makes sense to me. Unfortunately they do not take those of us left behind into consideration. We miss them. We need them.

But where I really need help is understanding where the lids to my plastic containers are, as well as the lids to my Starbucks coffee cups, much less the location of my Starbucks coffee cups.

I saw an article recently on getting your home organized. They suggested clearing out all random containers in your cabinet and buying a matching set that easily stacks and maintains order. I tried that once. When I was going through my cabinet trying desperately to find a lid that actually went with a container, there were a number of remnants of that set, none that matched of course. I decided it was time to get it under control and clear out anything that was not a complete container, but when I did, I had a whole box of mismatched parts.

So how can you end up with a whole box of lids and containers that do not match? I mean, really. This is obviously a bigger mystery than I can solve and bears the characteristics of an out of this world phenomena.

I spend about an hour in the car in the mornings so I choose to enjoy my first cup of coffee there. This shouldn't be difficult. Many people do this. But maybe they have learned not to fill their cup too full especially on the days they wear a white shirt. Regardless of how they do it, I thought it might be easier just to put a lid on the cup, since they originally came with lids. But an even bigger question is where are my Starbucks cups? At one point I had enough that they almost filled an entire shelf. Now? I am down to two. I have other insulated coffee cups but they are usually metal and make my teeth hurt. One of the two I just got in December. A friend gave me a Starbucks gift card for Christmas and I waited on them to discount the Christmas ones.

Now here is the most amazing part, I have had this Christmas cup, barely 2 months, and the lid is gone. I doubt I ever even put it on the cup, so where did it go? And how do I have right at 20 lids that do not have cups to match?? Where are those cups?

Do you see what I mean? The socks going separate ways makes sense but the cups and containers with no lids is like they decapitated themselves. Are they that desperate? Do you see why I need Scully and Mulder?

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