Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who is to blame?

My last post was about Annabel struggling to learn English.

Well, what worries me is who is her primary teacher, which I guess is me, since I seem to have lost my mine lately. BUT trying to decide if I am the problem or the other way around has yet to be determined

As an example, we have been visiting several orthodontist trying to find one that we liked and would not cost so much that rice and beans only are served 5 nights a week.

Maybe I got nervous discussing how to finance $5000 in 12 months, but when the orthodontist mentioned headgear that might have to be worn at night when no one could see, I quickly responded, that her family and cats would see her. OK, the problem with that is that we have dogs, not cats. As soon as I said it I was surprised at what I said and laughed the rest of the day.

Last week I was on a panel of parents who have adopted older children at a program for prospective parents. We were each introduced and they told what country we had adopted from. Then I was told to start and tell our story. I started by telling I had adopted my daughters from Russia when they were 6 and 11. The woman next to me, on the panel, turned to me, in front of everyone, and said, "your daughters are not from Russia". I know. Then I quickly hit rewind in my mind and realized what I had said.

So those are my two problems lately but not sure that I can be held responsible, considering some of our recent conversations at home.

Last week while driving to school, Annabel asked or actually told, that you cannot drive during a lunar eclipse.


Because I am not sure I remember what a lunar eclipse is, I ask is that the one where the moon is affected.


OK so the moon not being visible will prevent you from driving?


That particular morning it was very cloudy and foggy with no sun or moon visible, which I pointed out and mentioned that we were indeed driving.

OK, then maybe it is during a solar eclipse that you can't drive.

We discussed the fact that cars do have headlights and as long as they work, we can drive regardless of the lack of natural light.

See, why I am not sure I can be held responsible for my mental lapses?

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