Thursday, February 16, 2012

You obviously misunderstood

Somehow many of  you who read my last post completely misunderstood. The problem is not me! I'm pretty sure there are 2 others in the who have contributed to my brain malfunctions!

If it is my fault, I want to blame it on something that I will say has become an issue in motherhood and that is a whole new type of fatigue, both physically and mentally that I had never experienced before.

So with that in mind, one night this week, I proclaimed that we had to go to bed earlier, that I was bone tired.

Although no one voiced an agreement, I was sure they understood.

That night, right about the time I thought we needed to begin winding things down, Annabel casually asked how do you download music.

Both have received ITune gift cards on different occassions and there is always something new, so I just thought she had a new tune she wanted to download.

I gave her the blank stare, followed by the blink, blink, and you could hear crickets chirping as I casually asked "why?".

She explains, there is this technology project that focuses on a specific decade and the various "fine arts" of that decade and she was assigned the 70's, and since she is in choir, then her part of the group project was the music of the 70's and she needed some music for their powerpoint presentation.

So my next, rather casual question, was when is it due?

Why not until February 28.

Great! Remind me tomorrow or this weekend and we will get some music downloaded, now everybody start getting ready for bed.

See, now this is the key to why my brain is drained, by what she told me next...

Oh the project is due on February 28 but the music is due the next day.

Great, at the exact time that I think we are wrapping things up, going to bed early enough to recharge my brain, much less my body, a whole new project opens up that must be completed immediately!

Finding a few songs from the 70's should be easy and probably would be unless the 70's covered some of the most important changes that happened in your life and it immediately sends you down memory lane, random explosions of bursting into songs that you were never really clear on what the lyrics were and still haven't figured out, and thousands of stories to tell, and it suddenly turns into a very lengthy process.

So we finally narrow it down to 5 songs and then I start trying desperately to remember how do you download a song, much less copy it to a blank CD, which we cannot find, and then brainstorm on another way to transport the files, and through much trial and error and all 3 of us getting involved, we successfully got the files on a flash drive and ready for the next day's deadline.

Time this mission was accomplished? 10:30. Believe it or not, way past the earlier declared bedtime!

See, it is not my fault!

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